Mini Pom Poms

Pom poms are a really great way to decorate any number of things. Add them to the corners of cushions, or the end of throws to “funk-up” your home decor. Or, why not use them to decorate gift-wrapped presents,  key-rings or fun crafts such as bookmarks?

Mini Pom Pom Image

These mini pom poms are especially easy to make….


To make one

  • 3 meters of wool (yarn)
  • Scissors


  1. Cut 30 cm of wool from the 3 meter piece
  2. Place the short piece between your index finger and the middle finger and let in hang there, half to the back of your hand and half to the front
    Step 2


  3. Leaving a small gap between these fingers, start wrapping the long piece of wool around the tops of your fingers, use your thumb to hold the end of the wool secure against your index finger.
  4. Make it about 3cm wide (basically don’t wind it below your knuckles), overlapping many times, and making sure to keep the wool as straight as possible to avoid knots
  5. Now carefully pull the short piece of wool around the center area of the wrapped wool, and tie a knot

    Step 5
  6. Gently slide the wrapped wool off your fingers, keeping the short, knotted piece in place
  7.  Now that it is off your fingers, pull the knot really tight, and then make a second knot, making sure it is secure
  8. Take your scissors and carefully cut all the loops that have been formed, following the curved edge of your little ball, be careful not to cut the short piece of wool that is knotted around the middle

    Step 8
  9. Finally, fluff-up the ball, and give it a trim to make it as round a possible
  10. The tail that is hanging off can be used to attach the pom pom to your project, or if it is unnecessary, trim it so that it is the same length as the other pieces of wool


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