Nature’s Own Mood Boards

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Images of some of the rock formations in Museo Geminero Madrid, & how they might inspire your home decor projects.

Nature is full of inspiration when it comes to colour and texture combination for decorating your home. For us city dwellers it’s important to think outside the box when it comes to finding mother nature’s stimulus.  Yes, visit your local parks and green areas, but what about the museums?

Just this week I had the pleasure of visiting the Museo Geominero Madrid, a treasure trove for any design lover. The museum houses an incredible collection of rocks, minerals and fossils, which demonstrate nature’s ability to outdo us every time when it comes to creating stunning texture and color combinations.

Whether you are interested in designing jewellery, embellishing material or furniture, or painting a room in your house, these marvels are instant mood boards that won’t leave you lacking ideas!

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