10 On-Trend Egg Decorating Projects

Decorating eggs and displaying them around your home is a beautiful way to bring a little creativity into your life at Easter. Here are my favorites. Let me know what you think.


Marbling  – Trend Of The Moment

Love, love, loving the hottest design trend right now – marbling.  So many great ways to introduce this technique into your DIY projects, but, for the season that’s in it, why not take some inspiration from this beautiful Easter project from  Camille Styles and learn how to marble with nail polish!


Sprinkled With Fun!

Now this is original, and oh so much fun! Brighten up your Easter with this amazing egg decorating project, using sprinkles. It’s from the clever people at Studio DIY who have amazing ideas that will always bring a smile to your face.


Love Gold Leaf

Who can resist a bit of gold leaf? Not me, this is one of my favorite ways to decorate eggs. When combined with delicate, spring, pastel  shades, like Angie at Little Inspiration has done here, the results are simply beautiful.

Make A Note – Calligraphy

Calligraphy and handwriting  are everywhere. So, take inspiration from the wonderful world of design, and use the free printable from the generous people at Oh Happy Day to introduce some delicate lettering into this year’s Easter project.

On-Trend – Geometric Patterns

Geometric shapes and repeat patterns are in, in, in, and when combined with gold or bronze you couldn’t be more on-trend.  Get some inspiration from this great blog post on Miss Renaissance to make some striking patterned Easter eggs.

Get Creative With Abstract Marks

Keep it simple, get out your favorite colour paints, and get creative. Simple brush strokes, and layers of abstract paint marks can give some of the most beautiful results, as demoed here by  Allison at Dream A Little Bigger.

Oh So Simple – White Marker Eggs

Sometimes less is more. I love the simplicity of this project from Joy Ever After.  It couldn’t be easier to do, and the results are simply beautiful. Anyone can give this a try!

Pantone Perfection

For all you design nerds out there – you won’t be able to resist this fantastic Pantone egg project by How About Orange. I simply love it, and it’s a great way to try out transferring text onto different surfaces. Clever clogs!

Ombre Eggs

The ombre trend has hit everything from hairdos to handbags, and bakes to bikes, so why not give this super simple technique from the Sugar Plum Sisters a try and bring a little ombre into your life this Easter.

Emojis  – Create A Reaction

More outstanding work from Kelly and the gang at Studio DIY.  What a fun and “of the moment” egg decor project to make your friends smile!


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Nature’s Own Mood Boards

Untitled design (3)
Images of some of the rock formations in Museo Geminero Madrid, & how they might inspire your home decor projects.

Nature is full of inspiration when it comes to colour and texture combination for decorating your home. For us city dwellers it’s important to think outside the box when it comes to finding mother nature’s stimulus.  Yes, visit your local parks and green areas, but what about the museums?

Just this week I had the pleasure of visiting the Museo Geominero Madrid, a treasure trove for any design lover. The museum houses an incredible collection of rocks, minerals and fossils, which demonstrate nature’s ability to outdo us every time when it comes to creating stunning texture and color combinations.

Whether you are interested in designing jewellery, embellishing material or furniture, or painting a room in your house, these marvels are instant mood boards that won’t leave you lacking ideas!

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