The Essential Art & Craft Supply List For Kids

Kids-Art-SuppliesSo you’re a great parent who wants to encourage creativity at home, or a new teacher who doesn’t know where to begin…..let’s talk essential craft supplies for kids.  I’m an artist and teacher and am here to tell you exactly what you do and don’t need….and stop you from breaking the bank!

Below you’ll find a excellent list that is genuinely based on my own personal experience and preferences from working with children.   You can also download & print my super smart Kids Art and Craft Supply Checklist to help you get on track right now!

* The asterisked items are my “can’t live withouts”!

Mark Making
  • Pencils *
  • Colouring pencils *
  • Paint markers such as  Uni-posca Paint Markers
  • Regular colouring markers
  • Chalk
  • Rubbers/ erasers *
  • Toppers/ sharpeners  *
  • Rulers
Cutting & Sticking
  • Kids scissors *
  • Sellotape/ sticky tape
  • Masking tape
  • Stapler
  • Paper glue stick, like my all-time favourite Pritt Stick  *
  • PVA glue
  • Multi-use glue
  • Paint brushes *
  • Liquid watercolour
  • Tempera/ poster paint *
  • Acrylic paint
  • Clean yogurt cartons for paint pots *
  • Old glass jars for water
  • Old plates for pallets
 Paper & Card
  • White printer paper *
  • Coloured paper/ construction paper
  • Coloured card *
  • Old magazines
  • Old cardboard
  • Toilet roll inserts
  • Wool *
  • Coloured felt sheets *
  • Coloured foam sheets
  • String
  • Needles & thread
  • Ribbons
  • Googly eyes
  • Beads
  • Glitter
  • Sequence

Print my Kids Art and Craft Supply Checklist  PDF now to help you get organised

Jane’s Top Tips

Essential Art and craft supplies for kids. What materials you need at home     Essential Art and craft supplies for kids. What materials you need at home

  • Rubbers/ erasers: Although they are essential, I try to encourage kids to embrace their mistakes.
  • Rulers: I discourage kids from worrying about straight lines but sometimes rulers are very useful.
  • Paint brushes: Round-head, medium thickness paint brushes, with a pointed tip cover a multitude.
  • Paint markers – such as  Uni-posca Paint Markers : These cost more than regular markers but are so versatile. They work on so many surfaces, and produce strong, vibrant colours even on a coloured background – I wish they had these when I was a kid!
  • Crayons: Crayons are my go-to option for younger kids, but they are also fantastic for special projects such as water resist technique. White crayons are a must!
  • Multi-use glue: Adult supervision is need with this as it is toxic, and very strong, but an excellent option for fabric, felt, plastic and wood.
  • Acrylic paint: Although it is not on my essentials list acrylic is my favourite paint because the colours are so strong, vibrant and smooth. But it is not easy to wash from clothes, are is more expensive than the other more kid-friendly options.
  • A3 paper & card: I always buy A3 paper and card because if you need smaller you simply cut it to size.

Jane’s ultimate Top 3 MUST HAVE items for unlimited creativity…..

  1. Coloured card
  2. Paint markers – Uni-posca Paint Markers
  3. Paper glue stick, like my all-time favorite Pritt Stick

What are your personal favourites when it comes to kids supplies?  I’d love to see which of mine are and are not on your list.  Please leave me a comment below!

Vintage Directional Signs

DIY event signs, are so much fun to make, and can have a BIG impact with little to no cost……Lets get making!

Here’s how to recreate these stunning vintage inspired pointing hand signs…..

Vintage sign DIY. Hand pointing. Wedding Sign


  • This free vintage pointing hand printable
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • MDF approximately 30cm x 22cm (or A4 size)
  • Small Saw or jigsaw
  • Sandpaper
  • White or cream water-based paint
  • Wide paint brush
  • Marker or acrylic paint in your colour of choice – I like black
  • Wood approximately  15 x 50cm
  • Wood glue


  • Download this free vintage pointing hand printable
  • Print it onto normal A4 printing paper
  • Cut out the hand shape and using a pencil trace around it onto thin MDF
  • Use a jigsaw, or a small saw to cut out the shape, and sand the edges to make them smooth
  • Paint the wood with 2 or 3 layers of cream or white water-based paint
  • Using your hand print-off as inspiration, add the lines and details using a black marker, or black acrylic paint and a thin brush.  Tip:  If you are not confident draw the lines lightly in pencil first.
  • Use strong wood glue to stick the hand shape to a simple piece of wood that has been painted or prepared as you like
  • Use the text “This Way Folks”, also provided in the free printable , or print your own desired message using Word or a similar word-processing program- In my signs I choose to use:
    • Font: Kunstler Script
    • Size: 225
    • Bold
  • Now for the trick……… scribbling with a pencil on the reverse side of the paper, focusing on the area being the letters
  • Next, lay it on the wooden surface with the pencil-scribbled side down
  • Using a pencil carefully trace over the printed letters heavily -the pencil on the other side will transfer onto the wood leaving a faint outline of your desired text in a beautiful font!
  • Finally go over the faint letters on the wood with acrylic paint or a marker


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