About Jane

Jane’s Artist Practice

Jane is an artist and educator, who on graduating with a Degree in Painting from Edinburgh College of Art in 2013, moved to Madrid to establish her practice there.

It was at that point that Jane saw a real synergy develop between both aspects of her practice, allowing her work with children to influence her studio work, and vice  versa.

Jane, who holds a master in Public Relations and has a background in Arts Management also dedicates time to helping emerging artists develop their professional practice.


Jane Hayes Art Educator Galway IrelandMaking children central to the learning process is key to Jane’s teaching. She works to equip learners with the tools to make art, while allowing them the creative freedom to discover how they will use those tools. Guiding her students through the creative stages that reflect “real” art making, children become comfortable with research, execution, communication and reflection in equal measure, even at an early age. Above all Jane values fun in the classroom, and she provides an open, playful and stimulating learning environment where children feel confident in taking ownership of their own creative journey. Jane has worked in arts and educational institutions in both Ireland and Spain, including the Department of Education, Youth & Sport, Madrid, where she specialised in English through art projects.


While developing her practice in Madrid over the past three years, Jane joined forces with other international artists in a number of artist run spaces and studios, including The Windor, which she co-founded as an artist-run space promoting multidisciplinary art and experimentation. Welcoming children and the wider community to experience the space, which was also a working studio, was an important part of the organisation’s remit championed by Jane.


Orange Tree (2015) Mixed Media

“The object” and its place in our private and public worlds is a reoccurring theme in Jane’s
own work. This, she says comes from her love of and obsession with things! Jane explores the connections between objects through playful sculptures that often involve found objects, large-scale paintings, and her favourite pieces; small watercolours that she calls drawings. Jane also has a strong background in printmaking and artist bookmaking.

Jane’s work www.janewhelan.com has been exhibited in the UK, the USA & Spain. Highlights include: Afterword: Contemporary Responsesto S. J. Peploe The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh (March 2013), and Nuevos Propuestos Art Rooms, Madrid Spain (Jan 2015)


Jane graduated with an MA in Public Relations from DIT in 2007, and has worked up to managerial level in top arts organisations including the National Concert Hall, Dublin & the National Opera House of Ireland.  She currently delivers innovative marketing and professional development courses in public organisations such Galway Rural Development, and works across the arts community specialising in helping emerging artists to develop their professional practice.

To find out more contact Jane directly.