Working Together: The Benefits of Group Art Projects for Kids

No man is an island as the saying goes, and it’s so important for kids to learn how to work as a team from an early age.   Sports can be an excellent way for children to develop as a team-player, but so can art!


Whether it’s at home for a play date, in the classroom, or if you dare; at a birthday party getting kids to work together on a group masterpiece is so rewarding….and not just for them, for you too!


WHY… Group-Art-Projects-For-Kids-5

  1. Encourages teamwork
  2. Develops patience
  3. Develops respect
  4. Fosters peer learning
  5. Stimulates critical thinking
  6. Encourages problem solving
  7. Develops oral communication
  8. Helps accept constructive criticism
  9. Promotes leadership skills
  10. Resembles the reality of everyday life



  • Think BIG, work on a large scale: A huge piece of paper taped to the wall to create a landscape. A big piece of fabric or canvas taped to the floor for a Jackson Pollock style painting project Group-Art-Projects-For-Kids
  • A single finished piece, not a joining together of smaller individual work: This calls for true team work. Encourages appreciation and enjoyment of process over product
  • Low on instructions big on creativity: Group projects are not the time for step by steps.  This is time for creative freedom
  • A theme v a thing: Projects need to open enough to cater for variety in age and ability.  It’s more effective if kids are allowed to really run with this one rather than setting to many limits – it’s amazing what they come up with!



  • Have space, even work outside
  • Be organised, with supplies and cleaning gear ready in advance
  • Careful delegation: If kids are young you will need to step in to help with who does what, or who works where
  • Be ready to referee and encourage; fair play, patience and respect
  • Let them have fun!



The photos feature in this article, are of a giant canvas we prepared Group-Art-Projects-For-Kids-4

in our “I ❤ Cooking”  English through art Summer camp in Madrid.  The kids had a blast, and the work was stunning!

Using pencil, the kids worked together to draw food and cooking related things on a huge piece of material that was taped to the floor.  Then using fabric paint we painted the items and added lots of abstract splashes and marks.  Finally, we went back over the original drawings with black permanent marker.

In this article I encourage working on a single work, but the beauty of this one was that in the end we were able to cut the material into strips so that the children could bring them home for beautiful table runners.


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